(medium size) A Selection of Lighthouse Lens Cut Rings in Sterling Silver

T. S. Brown Jewelry

Finger Size
This is the classic lighthouse lens cut ring crafted in sterling silver with the popular medium (12x8mm) size gemstone of your choice.  Pictured are the Created Pink Sapphire, Created Orange "Paradshah" Sapphire and the Created Green Spinel.

Also choose from:

Natural Black Onyx
Natural Black Onyx

Created Green Garnet
Created Green Garnet

Natural Garnet
Natural Garnet

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99/L103RMNSPS  created pink sapphire
99/L103RMNSPD  created orange "padparadshah" sapphire
99/L103RMNSGL  created green spinel
99/L103RMNSBO  natural black onyx
99/L103RMNSGG  created green garnet
99/L103RMNSGA  natural garnet

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